Fish Fridays – The Friendly Chagoi!



chagoi1Want to make some skittish fish more friendly?  Trying to get your fish to eat from your hands but they just don’t seem to trust you?  Then find yourself a Chagoi!  Granted, the thought of a brown fish isn’t as enticing as some of the other brighter colors available, but there’s something about these fish that make them very trusting and super friendly!  Its for that very reason that we suggest you add a Chagoi if you are trying to gain your own fishes trust or handfeed them.  And what these guys lack in their colors they sure make up for in their personality!  We had one large Chagoi at the shop a few years back, a big guy, probably about 24″.  The amount of kids who squealed with delight as they handfed him Koi Krunchies and then scratched his head or chin is beyond count.  Truly an awesome fish with TONS of personality.

Along with that personality comes a propensity to grow rather large!  Thats actually the second thing that Chagoi are noted for, their growth rates and final sizes..  Large fish indeed!  They are also to be considered good luck among many Japanese fish keepers.

So..  Whats in the name?  The name Chagoi is actually derived from the the word ‘chat’, the Japanese word for Tea.  Noting the common theme, they are named for what they look like, hence Chagoi are a uniform light brown fish.

There really aren’t any variations in this breed of fish, only seeing gin rin occasionally that make them look like bronze armored fish, which are very stunning indeed!  But either way,  a regular Chagoi, or a Gin Rin Chagoi will certainly add some friendliness to your pond!

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