Spring Pond Openings

Garden State Koi & Aquatic Center has been servicing customers ponds for over 15 years. Last year we cleaned over 300 ponds during the spring season. To streamline our operation to accommodate all of our customers we will be offering two different levels of spring cleanouts:

1. Gold Clean Out – Complete drain, clean and power wash and vacuum the entire pond. Remove fish to our holding tanks, service and clean all pumps, filters and skimmers, return fish and begin to refill pond (we add enough water for your fish to be comfortable), and you can finish filling later that day.  We strongly recommend the homeowner be home at the time due to stresses, shallow water and any concerns with their fish that can be addressed at that time, as well as the homeowner can finish filling the pond.

2. Silver Pond Opening – Partial water change, clean biofalls and skimmers, net debris from pond and service pump.

All Spring pond service is performed between late March and Mid May. We will contact you and let you know your approximate clean out date. For more details or if you have any questions, please contact us at 845-651-4100

Please take advantage of our “Early Booking Discount”.  Garden State Koi will discount all service and supplies by ten percent (10%) if you book your opening and pay for it before March 13th!

Spring Opening Menu
Selection of cleaning services:
My Pond Size
Gold Service
Silver Service
Up to 8×11 Pond
Up to 11×16 Pond
Up to 16×21 Pond
Multiple Ponds or Larger Ponds Call for Custom Cleaning Quote
Microbe Lift PL Bacteria Quart* $35
Microbe Lift PL Bacteria Gallon* $99
Pond/Fish Detox* $20
Standard Skimmer Mat* $49
Signature Skimmer Mat* $59
Heavy Duty Signature Matala Mat $79
Algaway 16 oz. (reduces string algae) $25
Algaway 32 oz. (reduces string algae) $50
Spring Fish Food 2LB $15
Spring Fish Food 5LB $25

* Garden State Koi HIGHLY recommends that customers order bacteria and pond detox and that they replace their skimmer mat each year.

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