Comprehensive Maintenance Services

What is Garden State Koi’s Comprehensive Maintenance Service?  It is a 12 month service for our customers that want the peace of mind that a professional will be looking over their pond each month during all four seasons.  This service includes a Pond Opening, Pond Tenting and Closing, Monthly Visits and All Water Treatments as well as a late spring season pond planting with several marginal and floating plants…  All the things needed to keep your backyard oasis looking its best!

We have two levels of service:
Seasonal (6)
Gold Service is a twice a month visit to your pond.  We will take care of things like cleaning the skimmer basket and pad, cutting back plants and testing the water and adding bacteria and water treatments.  In the fall we will take care of the leaves and make sure your pond is prepared and safe in the winter.  You will have first choice for your scheduled pond cleaning each spring.  We like visiting customer’s ponds twice a month because we can detect issues before they become problems.

Silver Service has all the same service as the gold, just once a month visits.

Comprehensive Maintenance Package Pricing
My Pond Size
Up to 8×11 Pond
Up to 11×16 pond
Up to 16×21 pond
Gold Service
Silver Service

Prices listed are per month and are based on a 12 month service contract

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