Fall Pond Closings

Garden State Koi & Aquatic Center has been servicing customers’ ponds for over 15 years. This fall we once again will be offering three pond services. One, we will offer a full pond cleanout for customers that missed our spring cleaning service or want to have a clean pond going into the winter. Second we are offering our standard pond closing service that prepares you pond for the winter months. Last, we are offering a pond tenting service to help customers keep the leaves out of their ponds.

1.Gold Clean-Out Drain, clean and power wash the entire pond.  Remove fish to our holding tanks, and clean all pumps, filters and skimmers. Return fish to pond. Cut back plants. Cover Pond with net.*(Note: Net provided at an additional cost)

2. Silver Pond Closing Partial water change, clean biofalls and skimmers, net debris from pond, service pump, cut back plants  and cover pond with net *(Note: Net provided at an additional cost)

3. GSK Pond Tenting Create and cover pond with a tented net to keep leaves off the water, which allows you to enjoy your pond for several additional weeks. This service includes Net Support System, Net, stakes and grommets.

All Fall pond services are performed between late September and Late November. We will contact you and let you know your approximate service date. Please note: We are happy to close your pond after December 1st, but this service will include $149 late season service charge.

This year we are offering ‘Early Booking’ discounts and will discount ALL CHARGES by ten percent (10%) if you return the Booking Form before September 19th and enclose your payment with the form.

Fall Pond Closing Menu
My Pond Size Gold
Silver Closing
 Up to 8×11 Pond  $449  $279  $429
 Up to 11×16 Pond  $669  $329  $499
 Up to 16×21 Pond  $899  $399  $599
 Wetland Filters  $129  $149

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