About Us

Located in the beautiful town of Warwick in the New York countryside, our store features over a dozen functioning water features, including koi ponds, streams, waterfalls and fountains. Open seven days a week in season (closed on Sundays Dec-Feb) the water garden professionals at Garden State Koi are happy to help you:

  • Design a custom water feature for your home or property
  • Give estimates and quotes for a water feature installation or re-do
  • Control algae growth on your water feature
  • Schedule a pond opening or closing with our maintenance crew
  • Naturalize your pond with plants from our two large greenhouses
  • Pick out the best fish from top breeders

Meet the Team

Thomas Smith – OwnerTom started Garden State Koi & Aquatic Center in 1991 in his backyard in Montague, NJ.   That year he built his first pond and had friends and neighbors that wanted the same oasis in their own backyard.   Before he knew it, there were fish & plant tanks and customers showing up on weekends.  In 1995 he moved his business to Dr. Green’s in Greenville, NY and in 2001 he moved a 2nd time to his current location in Warwick, NY.  Garden State Koi  & Aquatic center is the largest water garden store in the Hudson Valley and is also Aquascape’s largest independent water garden distributor.   Tom lives in Wantage, NJ with his wife Nancy and daughters Taylor, Darby and Madalyn.

Timothy Dille – Installation ManagerTim joined Garden State Koi & Aquatic Center in 2002 as an employee on the Installation crew.  Tim now runs the installation division, installing 40-50 water features each year.    He has great knowledge on how the ecosystem pond works and his artistic flair with rocks and water is truly amazing.   The best part of his job is watching his customer’s faces when GSK turns on the waterfall.   Sometimes they smile, most of the time they cry with joy with the beauty Tim created in their backyard.   Tim lives in West Milford, New Jersey and will be married in 2015 to his fiancée Alana.

Tom Sandstrom – Maintenance ManagerTom joined Garden State Koi & Aquatic Center when they made the move to the Warwick, NY location in 2001.   Tom  has been in many of GSK’s customer’s backyards taking care of their pond, koi or goldfish.   He runs the crew that opens and cleans over 200 ponds  each spring and then nets and closes the same ponds in the fall.   He takes great pride in making his customers backyard oasis look it’s very best.    Tom lives with his best buddy, Marley (the bulldog) in Goshen, New York

Erick Carino – Construction ForemanErick is a true water feature artist that likes nothing better than building beautiful water features for the clients of Garden State Koi.   Erick joined our company 13 years ago and has worked very hard to become a knowledgeable and talented employee.    He really enjoys the moment he turns on the waterfall and to see how happy he has made the customer!

Luke Sattler – Retail ManagerLuke has been working at Garden State Koi since his days at Warwick High School.   What started as job bagging fish has now turned into his career managing the retail floor and working with homeowners and contractors in creating job specifications for their backyard pond, stream or waterfall.    Luke is very  knowledgeable on everything ponds and loves specifying pond pumps for correct size waterfall installation.   Luke is single and lives in Warwick.

Mary Reilly – Receiptionist/BookkeeperThe first voice you normally hear when contacting Garden State Koi will be that of Mary Reilly.  Mary wears many hats after joining the staff four years ago.   Not only does she answer the phones, she handles the bookkeeping and helps to keep the store looking it’s best.  Her best moments at the store is when she teaches the children how to feed the fish….some are more brave than their parents.  She loves when they laugh as the fish sucks the food from their hands.   Mary is married and has two sons.  She lives in Warwick, New York.

Erik Carrillo – Wholesale ManagerErik has been with Garden State Koi for four years.   Having been in the reef tank hobby (the 300 gallon tank at the back of the store is from his saltwater days) for many years, Erik is an expert when it comes to water chemistry and fish.   He is very good at explaining the ecosystem pond concept to customers and enjoys have them have “the light bulb go off” when teaching new pond owners.   Erik also has a very good working knowledge of koi varieties and their history.   Erik lives in West Milford, New Jersey.

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